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Mild X7

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Mild X7
Mild X7Mild X7Mild X7
Mild X7Mild X7
Precio:  68,00€ 
              (iva incluido)

Mild X7 (double)

An elegant, affordable model for the discerning customer


Mild X7 is the direct descendant of the tried and true Mild X6. The dual kit contains two complete e-cigarettes that may be used separately or as a single e-cigarette with a replaceable battery. The comfort the second option brings is that when one battery runs out of power, the e-smoker can use the second one.


Mild X7 uses a very strong battery and exquisite design features,such as a profiled notch or delicate ornaments on the battery. The battery features a 5-click system for blocking the device and a charge level indicator embedded in the lit-up button for turning the battery on.


The target clientelle:

  • for e-smokers who value comfort and wish to use an extra battery
  • for e-smokers who would like to buy 2 competitively priced e-cigarettes

Mild X7 (double)

The kit contains:

  • 2 complete e-cigarettes:
    • 900 mAh battery (manually operated) - 2 items.
    • Clearomizer Crystal 2 - 2 items
  • Cartomizer (charged)
  • Cartomizer cover - 2 items
  • Mild liquid, 10 ml
  • A charger (a USB charger + adapter 230V/USB)
  • An original manual booklet
  • A warranty card


Technical specification:

  • Length: 144 mm
  • Clearomizer capacity: approx. 1.60 ml
  • Cartomizer capacity: approx. 1 ml
  • Battery type: manual battery
  • Battery capacity: 900 mAh
  • Color: black + UV elements
  • Battery type: Li (lithium)
  • Battery length: 89 mm
  • Battery voltage: 3.6V
  • Cut-off time: 12 seconds
  • Short circuit protection
  • The battery is equipped with a voltage regulator
  • Warranty: 6 months


Battery technical specification:

  • 5-click system preventing accidental start of the battery
  • charge level indicator: When the battery charge level is within 100-60%, the button's illumination is light blue. If the charge level drops to within 60-20%, the light changes to blue. If the charge level further drops to 20-0%, the button is illuminated in red.
For more information, please visit this products webpage.
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Jeringa 2ml
Jeringa 2ml

Mild X7 Battery
Mild X7 Battery
Heating unit for Volish/Mild Crystal 2  (long string)
Heating unit for Volish/Mild Crystal 2 (long string)

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