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Mod Vaporesso Nebula 100W TC Metallic Grey

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Mod Vaporesso Nebula 100W TC Metallic Grey
Precio:  54,93€ 
              (iva incluido)
Mod Vaporesso Nebula 100W TC Metallic Grey

Nebula Vape Mod

Cloud the lines

The Nebula from Vaporesso is one of our most powerful, comfortable, and easy to use vape mods. Its flexible energy requirements accommodate both one 26650 battery or one 18650 battery thanks to a removable adapting device provided.

Its almighty circuit, the OMNI Board, allows the user to move with ease between nonchalant Smart VW or TC vaping, even offering bypass mode, and heavily customized settings to squeeze every bit of potential out of your builds thanks to its CCT and CCW modes. More on our OMNI Board shall be discussed below or feel free to check out our OMNI Board brochure under "Downloads." Its shape and quality will make this just the right kind of bulky and sturdy; love it or love it.

Nebula 11.jpg    

Nebula Vape Mod at a Glance

  • size.png

    Dimensions: 87x48x32mm

  • weight.png

    Weight: 152g

  • temperature.png

    Temperature Range: 100C’-315C’/200F’-600F’

  • wattage.png

    Output Wattage: 5w to 80w/5w to 100w

  • tank_atomizer.png

    Suitable Atomizer: 0.05 - 5 ohm

  • material.png

    Casting: Zinc Alloy, Aluminum Alloy

  • tank_mooring.png

    Thread: 510 thread

  • oled.png

    Display: 0.69'OLED

  • current.png

    Standby Current: <50A

  • voltage.png

    Voltage Range: 0 - 8.5 V

  • battery.png

    Battery Cell: 1 x Lithium 26650 or 18650 battery (not included)

  • kit.png

    Waterproofing Board

  • manual.png

    OMNI Board Smart Settings

  • micro_usb.png

    Firmware Upgradeable


OMNI Board

OMNI Board is the most comprehensive board that is included in Vaporesso premium mods, guaranteeing a consistently reliable performance with a scientific touch. As the foundation of every mod, it is geared towards both new and veteran vapers.

The Omni board will supply you with 6 output modes: Smart VW/CCW/VT(Ni200/SS/Ti)/CCT/
TCR/Bypass. These modes cater for almost any kind of coil that you may be using.

It also features multi protection functions for maximum battery life. The dedicated software would guarantee that your mod stays up-to-date and also can be used to customize the user experience.

OMNI board, as the most advanced personal vaporizer board available, is set to refine your imagination of vaping.

OMNI board settings 1.png

Exploring OMNI Board's Advanced Settings


As an advanced setting to VW, CCW stands for Customized Curve of Wattage. You could actually customize the curve of wattage, according to its respective second, up and down in a pattern with this setting. You will be able to select the output for every 1/2 second of the first 5 seconds to minimize ramp up time and maximize pleasure. It is like riding a roller coaster, an excitingly varied series of hits from a vape setting tailored by you that you can have as many times as you wish.



As an advanced setting to VT, CCT stands for Customized Curve of Temperature. Have you been upset that the 1st few drags are not hot enough? Have you ever been burnt after vaping for a while? The CCT setting addresses these issues and gives you a truly free vaping experience. With the customized curve of temperature, you could have your 1st few drags at a higher temperature, and then automatically lower it so there's no risk of over-heating after a while. You are the true master of your mod, discovering the fun of vaping.

Smart VW

As an advanced variable output wattage setting mode, the SMART VW will automatically recommend the ideal output power setting for each resistance value when an atomizer is installed, avoiding burning the coil to protect your device and also saving your time and money.

If you still prefer to change the output power, it will again save the changed setting automatically so that when you resume after power off it will start with your preferred setting. It is indeed a smart guard of your mod, always providing you with the ideal output power for your atomizer. Enjoy the SMART VW now.

OMNNI board smart setting 2.png

Standard Nebula Mod Settings

nebula OMNI board settings.png

TCR and Value Ranges For Vape Coils

TCR offers you the option to regulate your device to adapt to any coil type outside the options provided as TC (Ni, SS, Ti) by selecting the respective coefficient of resistance for the metal in use. Feel free to look it up! Here is a quick reference graph

The following shows different TCR value ranges for different coils:

 Material  Nickel Nickel Titanium NiFe SS (303,304,316,317)
 TCR Value Range  600-700  300-400  300-400  80-200



1. The TCR Value in the sheets is 10x the actual TCR.

2. The total range of TCR values is 1-1000

Nebula Mod Protection Functions

Low Voltage Protection
Output short circuit protection
Low resistance protection
Overheating protection
Nebula safeguard.png
Current protection
Load protection
Timeout protection
Anti-loaded battery protection

Firmware Upgradable

Easy Switch between 26650 and 18650 battery

easy switch between the batteries.png

What's In The Box?

Nebula package kit.png


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